Feb. 16th, 2009

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I'm currently writing my autobiography for one of my classes; it's due next weekend, but I'm trying to get as much of it out of the way as possible due to other things going on this week. Writing your autobiography may sound like an interesting assignment, but this particular one has been set up so as to leech anything potentially fun or interesting out of it, like, say, your life history or emotions, and instead replace all that nonsense with a never-ending series of open-ended questions, mostly dull, about your family's history, lifestyle, beliefs, and values. Mine is currently six full pages long and *maybe* half-done. Mind you, this is for the mandatory one-credit, pass/fail class that is somehow pushing my workload totally over the edge this semester (and about that, seriously, wtf?).

Anyway, this class never meets in person, so I'm going by the uploaded documents and descriptions for all of it, and of course, most of it assumes you're already totally fluent in educational lingo and whatnot. In the first class most of us take in the teaching program. Yeah. The bulk of it's not too bad, so I can least figure out what I'm supposed to be saying, but I only have a vague idea of what "group orientation" means. So, in other words, could someone translate the following passage for me and explain what I'm supposed to be talking about in this section??

"Describe yourself related to how you family viewed Individualism vs. Group Orientation. Progress to your current ideology regarding individualism and group orientation by providing links between these past expectations and your current values. Relate ideology to yourself and your expectations for others."

Also, how about this, especially the last part: "Describe the value of Time as it related to your family and for you as an individual. Is time considered linear or circular?"

And finally, I know equity and equality are different things, but I can never quite remember how so, or which one of them is which. Do any of you?


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