Jul. 16th, 2011

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Probably inevitably, the arrival of the last HP movie, combined with that great Time article on fanfic, seems to be kicking me back into HP fandom, at least within my own head. Problem is, though HP was my primary fandom for a long, long time, it was also a long time ago. So all the archives/authors I've followed have either shut down or moved on, or I've forgotten what/who they were. The ones I can remember are the ones that pretty well took everything, and therefore contain mostly lousy fic with the occasional gem (like ff.n or fiction alley).

I suspect most people on my friends-list would be in the same boat, but I know there's at least one or two of you still active in the HP fandom, right? So, can anyone point me to active rec lists, or active selective communities, where I can find fic written post-DH (or at least post-HBP)? It doesn't need to be *set* post-series, and it can mess around with canon (especially, for instance, if a certain Potions Master survived after all), but I'd like to have that influence of the later canon.

Good recs to any current (or recent) comms and authors would work, but if you know a lot and want to narrow it down, I tend to be most interested in Snape, Harry, and the relationship (of any sort) between the two. Other favorite characters are Neville, McGonagall, Remus, Percy, and Luna. I'm more interested in adults than teenagers, and the only way I really care about the next generation is if the stories are really about their parents (with an exception for Al Potter as a Slytherin).

Thanks for any help you can give!


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