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I graduated yesterday. :-)

Just thought I'd mention that.

This does not make me less nervous about the whole "rest of my life" thing. Nor does the realization of just how much I have to do this summer.
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In order to finish part of an assignment for class, I just Googled the phrase, "Suri Cruise spitting image." No, really.

Then, of course, I selected the most reputable-looking source on the first page. Which turned out to be the Daily Mail.
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Having finally turned in my last paper, I have no classes or schoolwork for an entire month! Yay!! :-D

(So, of course, I plan on working full-time or more for that month. Boo!!)
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I have a major paper due this Thursday, a shorter-but-still-major paper due next Saturday (turned in online), and this Thursday I'm taking a major test that will, by itself, determine whether or not I have to take psychology this fall. Plus, I have roughly a month's worth of housework to do, plus a bunch of other stuff.

And really? I just want to sit and read fanfic. Or daydream. Possibly watch TV. It's nearly 6 PM, and so far today I've done some brainstorming and little else.

This is bad.
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Quick question, possibly aimed more at the Brits on my flist.

My understanding is that the whole "evolution vs. creationism" debate, which tends to be a pretty massive issue in schools in America, is a complete non-issue in most other Western countries, yes? Moreover, I've gotten the impression that said other countries (the UK being the one I'm most aware of), tend to laugh at us because of this, or scoff at our schools, or something along those lines.

Does anyone know where I could quickly find any articles or other vaguely reliable/notable sources that would either discuss this or, just as good, demonstrate it?

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One of my profs for the upcoming fall term is responsible for setting up our field experience placements with teachers in local schools, and she sent us an e-mail tonight to let us know where they are. Advance notice, - great, right? Um, yeah. First off, she sent the important part of the e-mail (the placement list) in a WordPerfect file -- who the hell has WordPerfect?

Second, the message actually said that we should get in touch with the teachers now to set up a time to *meet* with them *before* schools close for the summer, in order to set up our schedule for this fall. So, I have a field experience placement for a class this current term, which means I'm at a local school right now. There are less than two weeks left in the school year. The cooperating teachers do NOT have time to deal with us right now. They have *better* things to do than deal with people who are going to be imposing on them for a couple hours a week next fall. Just as importantly, we students probably fall into two main categories -- those of us taking intensive spring term classes (like me), who similarly do *not* have time to go meet with a teacher, and those students who are not taking spring classes. And in most cases are home for the summer. Or somewhere else entirely, including out of the country. But who may well not be anywhere within a few hours drive of the school that they're supposed to show up at, on someone else's schedule, sometime in the next week and a half.

Seriously, *what* is this woman thinking??
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I have finally finished the autobiography from hell and uploaded it onto the course website. Which means that I have now "really" started Winter Break. At about 12:15 on a Friday night. With major snowfall expected tomorrow keeping me home. Yay. Also, the proofreading of the autobio was shoddy, due to my being tired and unwilling to read all 15 fricking pages that carefully, but here we return to the point where it's a one-credit pass-fail class, the damned thing took me days to do, and I just don't care. Again, yay.
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Because I had class all day today, I had my alarm set good and early - 6:07, to be exact. So, about 5:30 this morning, I woke up, went to the bathroom, and went back to bed. At some point in this interval, I started dreaming. I don't remember much about the early part of the dream, except that I may have been annoyed at something one of my housemates did, like clean the house, and I was hanging out with another housemate. (Notably, I live alone. The living room in the dream did look like mine, though.) Suddenly, in the dream, an alarm clock went off. Loudly, and annoyingly. So I turned off the alarm, but it kept going. Apparently a lot of alarms were going, because I kept finding more alarm clocks and turning them off, but it kept *going*, though not always at the same volume. I was getting more and more annoyed and frustrated because I COULD NOT FIND THE DAMN ALARM CLOCK and OBVIOUSLY someone had moved it and I was going to kill them just as soon as I found the STUPID ALARM THAT WOULDN'T SHUT UP!!! So then I finally woke up. At 6:40. I spent 33 minutes *dreaming* about my alarm clock going off without managing to wake up to get out of bed.

Fortunately, that was still plenty of time to get up and moving, deal with personal hygiene, and make it to class on time. Unfortunately, that was not enough time to make lunch or eat breakfast, and I have class straight through the day, so at about 2, I ate a stale pop-tart I'd tossed in my bag, and otherwise I didn't eat anything until 4 PM. I wasn't happy about that. I set my alarm early for a reason. If only it actually managed to wake me up at the time I actually set it for.


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