May. 30th, 2009

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One of my profs for the upcoming fall term is responsible for setting up our field experience placements with teachers in local schools, and she sent us an e-mail tonight to let us know where they are. Advance notice, - great, right? Um, yeah. First off, she sent the important part of the e-mail (the placement list) in a WordPerfect file -- who the hell has WordPerfect?

Second, the message actually said that we should get in touch with the teachers now to set up a time to *meet* with them *before* schools close for the summer, in order to set up our schedule for this fall. So, I have a field experience placement for a class this current term, which means I'm at a local school right now. There are less than two weeks left in the school year. The cooperating teachers do NOT have time to deal with us right now. They have *better* things to do than deal with people who are going to be imposing on them for a couple hours a week next fall. Just as importantly, we students probably fall into two main categories -- those of us taking intensive spring term classes (like me), who similarly do *not* have time to go meet with a teacher, and those students who are not taking spring classes. And in most cases are home for the summer. Or somewhere else entirely, including out of the country. But who may well not be anywhere within a few hours drive of the school that they're supposed to show up at, on someone else's schedule, sometime in the next week and a half.

Seriously, *what* is this woman thinking??


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